Treat Yourself to the Bathroom of Your Dreams with Bathroom Remodeling in Birmingham

Birmingham Homecrafters is one of the leading experts in bathroom remodeling in Birmingham, Alabama and surrounding areas. We know that remodeling your bathroom can seem stressful at first, and that is why we put our years of expertise and honed craftsmanship to work to build you the bathroom of your dreams with as little as possible change in your day-to-day life. We provide the most cost-effective bathroom renovations while consistently maintaining the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship. Whether you have specific questions about remodeling your bathroom or are simply in the early stages of considering a bathroom remodel, you can trust the area’s experts. 

​People love to say that they just don’t build things like they used to. One place where that saying absolutely isn’t true is the modern bathroom. The bathroom has changed dramatically in nearly every way over the past several years. The contemporary bathroom has very little to do with functionality and everything to do with style, luxury, relaxation, and all the storage your heart desires. In the master bath, homeowners have said so long to the shower/tub combo, sharing a sink with your significant other, and having to cram your bathroom goods into crowded cabinets and behind mirrors like a game of Legos. Today’s bathroom is all about space, style and all the amenities you wish. If you’re somehow still getting by with a too-small, outdated bathroom, it may be time for a bathroom renovation in your Birmingham home. Still on the fence? We’ve put together a few of the ways that a remodeled bathroom can have a lasting positive effect on your home and your everyday life.

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Unique Tastes Deserve Unique Remodels

Whether your bathroom is too small, lacking the amenities you want, or you simply can’t stand the outdated style any longer, it may be time to go for a full-scale renovation rather than do a piece-by-piece redesign. A full-scale renovation allows you to bring your bathroom up to your standards while building it completely to suit your taste and specific desires for your bath. When you build your bathroom to suit your specific needs, you look at the whole picture rather than piece by piece. A bathroom remodel addresses things like storage, luxury amenities you may want, lighting, sinks and vanities, flooring, and overall design all at one time. This will prevent the headaches of addressing the issues in your bathroom one at a time, leading to more time and money invested than it would typically cost to do a full remodel in one swoop.

Have a Spa Day, Every Day

bathroom remodel can give you the spa experience you deserve without ever leaving you home. Many bathrooms were built more than a decade ago, in an era when a bathroom was seen as a basic room of necessity. Today’s bathrooms have fully transitioned into a mini-spa, with a focus on relaxation and luxurious amenities like a step-in shower with steam options paired with an extra-deep soaking tub with Jacuzzi jets. This can be done by remodeling your current bathroom with upgraded amenities and design. It can also be done by a remodel that expands your bathroom to bring the bathroom of your dreams to life.

Store Anything and Everything

One of the most popular reasons homeowners turn to us when they are initially considering Birmingham bathroom remodeling is that they are simply sick and tired of feeling overcrowded and tired of a lack of storage. Shoving as many products behind a mirror cabinet or into a few small pull-out drawers under the sink is certainly a thing of the past. Homeowners look to us to rebuild their bathroom with an expansive, storage-first vanity and often with custom cabinets that provide a wealth of storage. More storage means more counter space and more closet space, leading to an overall more cohesive bathroom floorplan.

Grow as Life Does

Many of the Birmingham bathroom remodels we do simply come as a result of life changes. We see families that are growing and circumstances are changes. The room that you once thought was perfect may simply not work once children come into the family picture. On the flip side, as you age and look forward to the slower pace of retirement, you may want to make changes to your bathroom that fit your current life stage and needs better. If your bathroom isn’t meeting the current needs of your life stage and your family circumstances, it may be time to turn to the pros to see if a full remodel or a redesign is right for your life stage. A bathroom is used every day by every person residing in your home. That means it is definitely worth the time and attention it takes to bring it up to the standards of your current life needs.

Repair and Have a Fresh Start with a Full Rebath

We see a lot of bathroom renovations in Birmingham, Alabama that come from a need to repair issues that stem from humidity and consistent moisture. Even the most luxurious bathrooms fall prey to mildew, mold, and interior damage to the bathroom’s structure because of the consistently changing moisture and temperature levels. Repairing things like water damage and removing mold is a massive undertaking. Homeowners often turn to us when they realize how extensive this work is to move forward with an entire remodel in the process. A full-scale remodel not only addresses the underlying damage, but it allows homeowners to start with a completely clean slate in their bathrooms. We work with them to rebuild their bathroom from the floor up, focusing on design, amenities, cabinetry, lighting, and more. Damage such as mold and mildew is never a positive thing, but it can be the opportunity for a fresh start in your bathroom.

Invest in your Bathroom to Invest in Your Home

After a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel is the second most popular single-room remodel that brings immediate increase in your home’s resale value. Trusting your bathroom remodel to the top professionals is the best way to ensure you receive the highest possible increase in resale value from a full rebath. Remember, every upgrade you make in your home brings you a return on your investment in terms of resale value, but a bathroom upgrade has one of the highest returns on your investment.

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